Thursday, 21 October 2010

Petrol problems

Travelling to the Auvergne yesterday and the day before, from Le Havre was a somewhat anxious experience. The route we followed was one of the shortest we could find, across country and avoiding motorways completely. The reason was that with a tankful of petrol, we needed to be as economical as possible with our driving, as the possibility of filling up on the way diminished day by day before our trip. We did manage to find petrol in a small supermarket on our route, but we were limited to 23euros worth. . We stopped overnight at Aubusson for a comfortable overnight stay in Le France hotel. However at journey's end, we managed again to find that our nearest supermarket still had some petrol, limited to 20euros worth, but enough to keep the car topped up enough for some days to come. The French strikers seem to be calling off their efforts to change Sarkozy's mind, but may strike again on the 27th of this month.

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