Thursday, 28 October 2010

Auvergne autumn

Well I'm at a loss to understand why students and schoolchildren are joining in the demonstrations against Nicholas Sarkozy's pension reforms in France. as they are the ones who will be paying for it, as we older baby-boomers have been paying the pensions of the previous generations in Britain, and all those people of our own age who managed to take early retirement in their fifties. Pensions don't jsut appear out of thin air, they have to be paid for somehow.

However, to change the subject, the last few days have been glorious autumn sunshine, which has melted the snow on the Puy Mary which appeared the other day, when we had rain, sleet and hail
We have spent some of the sunny days tidying up the small garden, in the probably vain hope that it won't be too overgrown when we come next spring and maybe need less weeding.

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