A few links to help choose books

 This page lists a few websites etc which can help find your next book

 A recent addition to help choose what to read next are podcasts, in which people, often just a couple or a few talk about books. Some examples are
Blogger Stuck in a Book also does a monthly podcast at Tea or Books?  :http://www.stuckinabook.com/category/teaorbooks/

 The BBC lists its programmes about books at http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0374bx8                  with links to the variety of radio and television programmes about books, as well as to Book of the Week and Book at Bedtime.

I  haven't included individual blogs about books, apart from those listed on my home page, but there is a list of many well-known literary blogs here at http://www.britlitblogs.com/.
http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk/  A useful resource, searchable by author or title, with links to authors 'websites if available, as well as Amazon etc. There are comprehensive lists of  authors' complete output.

http://www.lovereading.co.uk/  Has a list of the months best reads, you can listen to extracts, and also has a "who writes like" section., so if you like one author, you will find recommendations for similar authors.

For an even more detailed list of who write like, probably the best site is:
http://www.whoelsewriteslike.com/ , a way of finding authors who may write something in the same vein that you have just been reading, when you've read everything by a particular author. It is a subscription service (£5.00 for an individual 1 year subscription), but if you have a library card and your local library subscribes, it's free. It is based on a book which was a mainstay in most public libraries.

     https://nbmagazine.co.uk/  is a useful guide to recently published paperbacks ( and the occasional hardback), with reviews by readers, extracts of books and some author interviews. Aimed mainly at reading groups.There is an associated website, which has many more reviews and articles about new books (mostly paperbacks)

https://foxedquarterly.com/ is the website of the quarterly magazine, bookshop and publisher of the same name. The quarterly magazine is beautiful, printed on heavy cream paper, and full of articles about books and authors, often from the recent past. The black and white illustrations to the articles are delightful. There is now a monthly podcast on the site.

 http://www.whichbook.net/ A different way to choose books. You can pick if you want to read a humorous or sad book with a sliding scale, and a list of possible titles is shown, which can be linked to public library catalogue.

There are many sites for book publishers:

http://www.penguin.co.uk/, http://www.bloomsbury.com/, http://www.randomhouse.co.uk/ and http://www.faber.co.uk/ are the websites of some of the larger British publishers, most of which also have international links.
http://www.canongate.net/ is the site for independent Edinburgh- based publisher Canongate, and http://www.serpentstail.com/ is the site for another, quirkier independent British publisher. http://www.virago.co.uk/ is the site for Virago Books who publish books by women authors and finally there is http://www.persephonebooks.co.uk/, the site for Persephone Books, who publish beautifully produced paperbacks by authors from the past, such as D E Stevenson. They also have a shop in London.

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