Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Eating dangerously

I've almost finished Tom Parker Bowles " A year of eating dangerously" and although I started it with high hopes, I feel it doesn't quite fulfill its promise.I'm sure that eating the hottest of hot chillies is unpleasant and possily dangerous, but is eating too much barbequed meat when judging a competition really dangerous. I think I have become a bit bored with his descriptions of over-filling his stomach; maybe I've become jaded because of too many food advertisements on television at this time of year.

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

The meme that is going round various blogs, such as dovegreyreaderscribbles and eat drink live lets me tell you

4 places I have lived
Ghana, West Africa -I spent my early childhood there, as my father worked there.
The Isle of Wight - I grew up there and although in the 60's it was a bit drab, especially in winter, I loved being able to do exam revision on the beach, then go for a swim after school.
Manchester- A student here in the late 60's, great fun and fantastic after the I o W
Hampshire - just across the water from the I o W and France

4 jobs I have had
Waitress- part-time, while still at school, in the summer holidays, hot and busy
Barmaid - temporary, helping out a friend of a friend
Trailer Librarian - it was hitched up to landrover and moved about the border of Cheshire and Derbyshire, lovely in summer, freezing in winter.
College librarian - a static, fully heated building at last.

4 places I have visited
France, often, all different parts, can't wait to go again
Santiago de Compostela
Florence - a tip- visit the Uffizzi in lunchtime, the queues are shorter and don't attempt to see everything at once.
West Coast of Scotland and very wet and very gorgeous it was too.

4 favourite foods
Ripe camembert cheese
Really fresh fish
Moules mariniere
Chocolate cake, biscuits, ice cream or plain

4 places I'd rather be
here at home
on a Mediterranean beach in summer ( especially as the weather is cold, damp and grey at the moment)
walking somewhere high and sunny, sometimes

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