Sunday, 11 October 2009

So little time..

A non-reading period - sometimes there seems to be so much to do, so little time and things that are important to me, but not maybe to others get pushed aside. I've managed to read half of Dickens Dombey and Son, part of Louis de Bernieres The Partisan's Daughter and started Bon Courage by Richard Wiles about living in rural Limousin and converting a barn. Meanwhile life goes on, shopping gets done, parish Harvest Lunch takes place and the church is decorated with flower arrangements, visits to hospitalized sister-in-law and from my sister happen, phone calls to mother-in-law in hospital for knee replacement take place and so on, and now we are planning a final trip to France this year to close up the house for the winter and hopefully admire the autumn colours in the vallee du Mars.

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