Wednesday, 28 October 2009

An autumn drive

Today we went off to Aurillac to do some shopping and having completed that, decided to drive back a different route from the main road we took to get there. We headed for the Route des Cretes ( the Crest Road) which takes us up the side of the Jordanne Valley and via wonderful twisting mountain roads and one or two passes, such as the Col du Legal, which is 1,231 metres (4039 feet) above sea level, to the ancient town of Salers, then along the side of the Maronne valley above the little village of Recusset to the Col de Neronne, then down to Le Falgoux and back along the Mars valley to Le Vaulmier. A beautiful drive through lovely mountain scenery. There are places on the route where one minute you overlook a pretty valley on the right, and a couple of minutes later another one equally pretty on the left. The autumn colours on the trees were beautiful, and enhanced by an absolutely gorgeous sunset. We've been contemplating doing this drive for a while now, and think that this is probably the best time of year to do it, as some of the trees have lost their leaves, so you can see more of the scenery and views. In summer with everything in full leaf, there are places when you can't see so much when driving through woods.

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