Friday, 14 August 2009

Rupert of the Rhine

I recently finished Charles Spencer's biography/history of Prince Rupert. A good read, well-written, seemingly well-researched ( I don't know enough about the English Civil War to criticise). It certainly threw a bit more light on this period of English history for me, but I don't yet feel impelled to follow up by reading further on the subject.Perhaps later. I did read a novel about Prince Rupert of the Rhine many years ago, written by Margaret Irwin, who wrote a number of historical novels, published in the 1920's to 1950's. She was highly regarded as a historical novelist at the time, and as far as I remember, her books were extremely well-researched. She also wrote a series of novels about Elizabeth I, covering her childhood as well as her rule as Queen, which apparently is due to be re-published this autumn in a single volume edition.

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