Monday, 31 August 2009


We've been back in Le Vaulmier for over a week now, having driven down on a baking hot day. The weather has remained very warm and sunny most of the time, except for one day last week when there was a storm followed by a day of rain, which helped fill up the waterfall we can see from the house. Although there is still quite a bit of work to be done to finish the house, we decided to leave things until we had had some holiday time, that being why we bought it in the first place. So we went swimming in Mauriac's open air pool, sometimes just lazed about the house and balcony, did a bit of tidying up in he garden, and went to some of the local events which help enliven the summer here. On Sunday there was a Marche du Pays, where everyone congregates and buys their supper from the various stalls which have been set up, selling grilled sausages, aligot, salads, crepes or gauffres, and of course something to drink, either a soft drink such as fruit juice - we had some delicious locally produced apple juice - or Auvergnate wine, also good. Its an opportunity for everyone in the commune to get together and chat over a meal, and is very pleasant.
I've been reading Charles Dickens Little Dorrit, a Book Club choice, and although I haven't read much Dickens, mainly ones for examinations ( that tends to be a bit off-putting, sometimes), I'm enjoying this just as a story to read, mainly for my own entertainment. At which Dickens is absolutely a master. So I've been enjoying it much more than I expected ( and I didn't watch the whole of the television series, only the occasional glimpse). I now appreciate why some people only take one book on holiday and make it a Charles Dickens or something equally long. However, I still couldn't do that, I need at least 3or 4 books a week if we're staying put somehwere, fewer if we go touring, as there is less time for reading then.

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