Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Great sewing

I watched the first series of the Great British Sewing Bee with a mixture of interest and some scepticism. The latter partly because I've been sewing all my life, although mostly out of a desire not to spend too much money on certain items. I made dolls clothes as a child, progressing to clothes as a teenager, encouraged by my mother who also made many of her dresses. I even made my own wedding dress when I married over 30
years ago. I've also made several sets of curtains, cushion covers and bedspreads for my homes. So when I saw the Great British Sewing Bee book in my local library, I picked it up for a thorough perusal at home.
It's certainly a useful book to have on the shelf for anyone who sews, although the actual technique section , at the beginning of the book,  is fairly short. However the projects are quite ambitious in range and several would probably suit someone who had some sewing experience at least. The illustrations and instructions are both very clear and there are helpful tips throughout.
So when Series Two the GBSB was announced and then appeared on the television, I couldn't resist watching. This series seems to be a bit more ambitious in its scope of fabrics and projects for the competitors, so I'll probably continue watching. Personally I wouldn't now wish to sew against the clock as the sewers have to do in the GBSB, but its interesting to see the different choices they make as to fabrics, patterns and so on.
Two recent makes by me are a top in a knit fabric from the pattern on the left, and a plain black skirt from the one on the right. Both were easy makes and I've worn both items several times.

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