Saturday, 27 April 2013

Winter in Spring

We've been here in the Auvergne for a couple of weeks, and so far spring has been slowly getting on with it; trees coming into life, the hillsides becoming gradually greener as the leaves appear. Some days have been warm and sunny, even hot, but this morning we woke up to falling snow, which is beginning to settle a little down here in the valley. Doubtless the mountain tops will covered, at least for a while, until the weather warms up again. The view has disappeared behind white wetness. But all this wetness means the rivers will be full, also the waterfalls, of which there are many along this valley, and several quite large ones in the area.Many of them are not easy to access, being up steep mountain sides and somewhat hidden amongst the forests which cover the hillsides, especially once the trees are in leaf.
While the weather was reasonable, we have amused ourselves by being active, going on a walk or two, and for my OH, going on several longish cycle rides. I've also had a swim in the new indoor pool in Mauriac., which we've watched being built over the last couple of years. It,s very pleasant, although with only two showers in the changing rooms (there are more as you enter the pool area itself) seems a bit odd.

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