Friday, 27 May 2011

Future of Libraries

I watched the Newsnight programme the other evening which included a short article on the future of libraries. Supporting libraries was Tim Lott, while the government representative merely took the view that everything was on the Internet, and that "everyone has a computer now". He gave no facts or figures to back up this argument. The film of Alan Bennet speaking at a meeting to save Kensal Rise Library, in Brent was much more useful, concentrating on use of libraries by children as he did. The local public library is often one of the first places that children can go to on their own, as it is regarded as a safe place to be in. There children can find books to help with homework, use the Internet and also just begin to develop further as an individual being. Tamsin Greig's comments about the effects of closing a libarary in smaller communities was also spot on, which is why people in rural areas whose public libraries are under threat are fighting so hard to keep them open. The Public Libraries News website gives the current situation on possible closures, as well as links to other useful websites on the subject.

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