Thursday, 9 December 2010

Foodie time

I seem to be a bit of a food provider at the moment. A week or so ago it was our local residents association autumn social, for which i organised the food along with a fellow committee member, nothing too fancy, just nibbles such as salmon tartlets, vol-au-vents, small sandwiches and some small sweet nibbles, and for drinks wine or fruit juices. Then my brother-in-law came to stay, so a couple of slightly more elaborate meals were called for, such as a slow roasted shoulder of lamb with greens and roasted potatoes, parsnips and carrots followed by an apple cake for pudding. Tomorrow I shall be contributing to a light lunch following a book club meeting, and next week a group of friends are coming to my home to have a lunch - we usually go out together once a month, but as we normally meet up near the end of the month, which in December gets a bit near Christmas, we decided to have our get-together in someone's home, and I volunteered this year. Happily I usually enjoy cooking and feeding other people (than oneself and husband) does help get the cooking creativity going, even if mostly its fairly simple stuff.

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