Tuesday, 7 September 2010


This last week here in the Auvergne has been beautiful, warm and sunny. I've managed a few swims in the Aqua Centre at Mauriac ( a fairly simple outdoor pool, heated) where if I go fairly early and join the other femmes d'un certain age, I have plenty of room to swim for an hour . Yesterday I had the pool almost to myself, partly because the weather had clouded over, although it was still fairly warm. however, the weather now is cool and very wet; it has poured with rain on and off the last couple of days. Our son has been staying here for a week, before heading off to cycle up Mont Ventoux in Provence next weekend with some cycling friends, and has done several cycle rides round the area, including up to the Pas du Peyrol, which is 1588 metres high., three times. He managed one ride last Saturday of 170 kilometres, about 100 miles and saw as much of the surrounding area in several hours as we have manged in the 3 years we've been coming here. However after a rather rainy day yesterday the sun came out in the evening briefly, rewarding us with a beautiful double rainbow.

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