Friday, 25 June 2010

Summer at last

This last week has been spent settling into our house in the Auvergne, meeting the neighbours at the mobile bakery which calls twice a week and is a great place to catch up with some of the local gossip. We met M le Maire on Tuesday, when the weather had begun to improve: he had his fingers crosssed that the sunny day would last, as its been cold and damp since we arrived here. We heard that twin daughters ha.d been born to one of our neighbours. Apparently the mayor held a reception to celebrate. It is quite an occasion, as most of the residents are elderly, and many houses are only occupied for a month or so in the summer. We've also been catching up with some of the jobs that still need doing. In the meantime now that its warmer, for a bit of relaxation we can sit on the balcony, reading or just admiring the view.
I recently finished Amanda Craig's Hearts and Minds, and loved it, despite its tragic moments. A cleverly written story of life in London as lived by a number of immigrants, both legal and illegal. One of the central characters is Polly, a Londoner and human rights lawyer, whose au pair Iryna suddenly disappears. Polly's eventual search for her leads her to meet and help other illegal inmmigrants, such as Job, a Zimbabwean taxi driver. There are many complex intertwining s of lives in the plot, but on the whole a satisfying read.

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