Thursday, 14 January 2010

January doings

Our back gardens were transformed on Wednesday by a further snowfall, which made the trees look really pretty, despite the gloomy day. It didn't last long; by early afternoon the thaw had started and the trees and shrubs were dripping. At least the local roads and footpaths will be a bit safer to walk on, as last week they were covered in sheets of ice and very slippery. Lots of my neighbours were also taking photos ,as we don't usually get this much snow here in the south.
As it's now well into January, the first of the Seville oranges are in my local greengrocer, £1.52 a kilo, so I must make marmalade. I found a recipe years ago in my old Kenwood Chef handbook which uses a liquidiser to chop the oranges, so nice and quick to do. I haven't yet found a commercial marmalade that tastes quite as sharp and orangey as my own home-made, though I do buy some from time to time. Tomorrow it will be a cake making day, to help supply the tea after our new parish priest-in-charge is installed.

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