Monday, 9 November 2009

Gorge St-Vincent

As the weather has been rather dismal here in the Auvergne for the last week or so, with only the odd day when the clouds have lifted and let a few glems of sunshine in, I was grateful that the weather on Sunday was at least dryer, that is , not actually raining, so went out for a short walk. We are not far from the Gorge St Vincent, a short but deep chasm in the valley, where the river Mars has cut its way through the rock. The gorge is diffult to see, especially in summer when the trees are in full leaf, but I managed to get a glimpse during my walk, as most of the trees have lost their leaves, exposing more of the landscape to view. Although short in length, the gorge is fairly impressively deep and narrow, especially when perched right on the edge overlooking it. My last walk here this year, as we leave for England on Wednesday and won't be back until next spring, when the weather will hopefully be a bit warmer and brighter.
Today we visited Bort-les-Orgues for lunch and tomorrow we pack up for our departure.

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