Friday, 18 September 2009

A Temporary farewell

So its farewell to France for another few weeks, until sometime in October when we'll return for a few weeks work and then shut the house up for the winter. We took a couple of days to return, driving up to Normandy one day, staying overnight in a comfortable small hotel in Conches-en-Ouches, with a delicious dinner. Next day we drove north of Le Havre and wandered round the small town of St Romain-en -Colbosc, quiet and pretty, then after a quick lunch in a bar/brasserie, went down to Le Havre and had a walk along the beach front, despite the not very nice weather.

In the last few days before leaving France, I managed to read A L Kennedy's Day, a story of a young man taking part in a war movie, who remembers the grim reality of life as a tail gunner in a Lancaster bomber in the war itself, but also remembers fallimg in love for the first time, and the friendship of his fellow aircrew. The novel is told almost completely from Day's point of view, almost as a stream of consciousness, which makes you feel that you really know how this young man thinks and feels. Although at times a painful read, still a wonderful book.

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