Tuesday, 5 August 2008

In the Vallee du Mars

Here in deepest Auvergne, in the Vallee du Mars, or du Falfoux, which ever takes your fancy, life seems very busy this month. Most of the houses are now occupied and open, and being filled with families coming from Paris or Lille or wherever the previous generations had migrated to for work and/or education. The weather is glorious at the moment, with long hot sunny days, but not as unbearably hot as further south. If we go for a walk, much of it is shaded by trees ( which also somewhat restrict the views of the landscape). However, above the trees, the views are far-reaching, across valleys and depending on how high we get, across mountain tops too. Despite the apparent busyness of the residents, the atmosphere is calm and relaxing. There are Sunday evening Marche du Pays, where you can buy grilled saucisse, aligot and other local specialities, including local wines, which are more the 'vins de table' quality, but drinkable. They are really an excuse for a get-together in the village, to chat, exchange news, meet new relaives or friends of the family and so-on. We've been here for some weeks now, managed to set up a sometimes shaky internet connection, done lots of work clearing the garden and some work inside the house. Nearly time to go home and have a rest!

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