Sunday, 8 June 2008

Belated Anniversary

I've been posting this blog for just over a year now, and manged 40 posts so far. That's less than one a week, but I never intended it to be a daily post, only possibly a weekly one. I think I started it more for my own amusement rather than anything more serious, just to see if I could write something that more or less satisfied me and posibly anyone else who might read it. I'm not sure that I've reached the standard I was aiming for, as I never feel completely satisfied with what I've written, no matter how long I spend on re-reading and re-writing it. However, that's normal for me and probably a lot of other bloggers, but one just has to get something up there on the screen and move on. It's also more about reading than I possibly originally intended, but reading fiction and what is known in my former profession as narrative non-fiction ( biography, travel and anything else that catches my interest- design, crafts, art, politics occasionally). I find that I cannot just read fiction, but need an irregular dose of reality, in the form of some well written comment on some aspect of life- it leavens the daily dose of snippets of information from the other media, newspapers, radio and television.

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