Saturday, 10 November 2007

Book buying and borrowing

The recently arrived Persephone Books catalogue and Biennial magazine cheered me up, as the books are such a delight to own, handle and read. As a collector of bookmarks, I love receiving another beautiful and distinctive item to add to the collection. Most of my others are much more mundane, but not as disastrous to a book as some of the items that turn up in library books returned by the reading public, though I personally never found either the kipper, bacon rasher or five pound note in a book. However much I like acquiring new books, there is only so much room in the house, so a trawl round the local public library is a good source of new reading matter - my last visit yielded Steph Penney's The Tenderness of Wolves, which is still in the waiting to be read pile and Tracy Chevalier's The lady and the Unicorn, , which is a reread for me and one which I will enjoy, and will probably take to France next week when we visit the house we have bought there to see how the building work is getting on. The builder has sent us some pictures of the house with work started on it, but nothing recently, so it will be nice to see it again and see how much progress has been made. It will be interesting to see the Auvergne in autumn, as we last saw it in early August, busy with walkers and other holiday makers.

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