Saturday, 20 October 2007

A one nighter

Earlier this week my sister, husband and self spent a night on Brownsea Island, in Brownsea Castle. We travelled over from Poole Harbour and walked up through the garden to the Castle, had lunch then walked the length of the island. The weather had dried out a bit following the rainy morning, and we saw lots of wildlife, some really tame ducks and peacocks and wonderful views. The next day was absolutely glorious, with warm sunshine, clear blue skies, and beautiful autumn colours on the trees. The formal gardens at the Castle were still looking good, more end of summer than actual autumn, and the walk we took after breakfast took us a different route to the other end of the island ( it's only about a mile or so long) by way of the cliff tops and seashore on the south side, facing the Purbeck hills. The peace and quiet were really soul restoring - it must have been like this in more parts of the country before the blessed infernal combustion engine powered its way into our lives and consciousnesses. The north side of the , facing Poole harbour is noticeably noisier. After lunch and another little wander through the gardens near the Castle, we caught the launch back to Poole and so on home.

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